A healthy bottle from Qwensh

I love bottles. They are super handy and of course really nice to bring with you. Today I have a very nice and especially healthy bottle. Huh? Healthy bottle? Read further to read more about this healthy bottle!

The bottle

Maybe you have come across this bottle already, but the bottle is really amazing. You can fill the bottle with slices. These slices contain vitamins and minerals. You just fill the bottle with water and a slice and with the bottle you can break the slice. When you break the slice then there comes some powder out of the slice and fills your water with a delicious taste.


You can buy the slices in five different tastes. The white peach with lemongrass was really nice and the citron & mint as well. I have also tried the grapefruit with parsley, but I really didn’t like that one. I haven’t tried the mandarin with ginger yet.

I have the taste of blueberry with basilica next to me and that one is really nice as well. After typing this sentence I almost shocked on the drink. The drink in the bottle is dark purple and I actually question myself if the drink is really healthy. As for last, I need to try mandarin and ginger, but I am a bit scared for that. Ginger in a drink doesn’t sound that nice.

A package with six slices cost 2.50 euros and I think that is a bit expensive. I am going to use this bottle for water of ice tea for example. I am still in love with ice tea, while this isn’t even that healthy. In the Qwensh products aren’t any fragments or colorants. Unfortunately, ice tea has these fragments and colorants

What do you think of this bottle and the concept of Qwensh?  


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