6x minimalistic earrings

I love minimalistic earrings. I haven’t worn earrings for a long time, but it was time for some extra accessories. I figured out that I didn’t have any minimalistic earrings, but I came across a new set at Forever 21. Curious to the earrings I’ve bought?


These are all earrings togehter. They only cost 2 euros and that’s a big bargain. Unfortunately, these aren’t available on the site of Forever 21 anymore, but there are enough similar earrings on this site. Enough to choose something nice.


These are my less favorite earrings. They are just very simple and actually, I come across these earrings pretty often. Still, they are really nice to wear with a colorful dress. You can wear these to make your look even more beautiful.


These earrings are really amazing. Simple, but really nice to wear with a red dress. Lately, I don’t wear black anymore and more bright colors, like red or yellow. These earrings fit amazing with this dress.


Normal pearl earrings, but still very nice. On the picture, the earrings look pretty big, but they aren’t at all. These earrings are pretty small and that’s why I think these are very special. Normally I come across big pearl earrings.


These are very nice. They are pink with gold and that’s a really good combination. I haven’t worn these earrings, but these fit very nicely with a white or beige dress. Soon, I will publish an outfit post about it!


Perfectly for Summer, which is almost over. I am going to wear these earrings when it is hot. I hope there will be some hot days soon, so I can wear these earrings.


These are my favorite earrings. I have a dress in the same color as the earrings and these earrings suit perfectly with it.

Which earrings are your favorite?  


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