5x nice nail polishes for the whole year

Nailpolish! It finishes every look. I don’t use it too often, but when I wear it, my nails just look better. Today I am going to share five nice nail polish which you can wear the whole year!


Red colors are my favorite. The color left is a dark red color which has a leather finish. It is a really cool look and I will definitely show a look with this color soon. The right color is a color from Essie. I’ve received this from my aunt and I am super happy with this. I have written an article about it, so if you are curious about it then you definitely need to read it.

These are beautiful colors as well. The left one is a fast drying nail polish from the brand Meeki. It is a beautiful color and suits with every single look. I think it is also really nice that it is fast drying, this way I don’t have to wait for long until my nails are totally dry and then I can do other things super fast as well. The right nail polish is from the brand Kiko. A brand which I need to visit more. They have a lot of nice things for a low price. This color is also amazing. It looks like a metallic nail polish and that suits pretty good with my metallic eyeshadows from Colourpop.

This is the perfect color for summer. This color makes every boring look nice. You can’t combine this nail polish with everything, but it is a beautiful color to wear with a white dress for example. I am definitely going to take this nail polish on holiday, so I can paint my nails in my garden or on the balcony.

Which nail polish is your favorite or do you have another color?  


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