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5x hairstyles ideas for prom

Soon I am going to prom. I have thought about my dress, my shoes, my makeup, but not my hair yet. Luckily, I have a lot of spare time and that’s why I gathered together some gorgeous hairstyles and I am going to choose one for my prom. Curious about my five hairstyle ideas? Then read this blog.  

Hairstyles ideas

Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is very beautiful and also very subtle. I love that. Also, I think the headband on the picture is very gorgeous.  

Source: Pinterest

Don’t you like loosening your hair? Then this braided bun is what you are searching for. It is a beautiful bun and perfect for a prom. 

Source: Pinterest

The curls on the picture are beautiful. Very natural and besides that the long hair is pretty as well. If you scroll down this blog post then you can read how to get much volume in your hair.  


Source: Pinterest

This look is so gorgeous! I have always wanted long hair, but then only for one day. For an occasion it is gorgeous, but for daily life, it is just very unhandy. 

Haarstijl ideeën

Source: Pinterest

Do you prefer to wear your hair in a tail, but then with some more volume? Then this look is really perfect for you! It is gorgeous and especially when you have a dress with a low back. 

But okay, then it is the question how to create these hairstyles. The pins say how to create the hairstyle, but most of the time you don’t get as much volume as you see in the picture. This is why hair extensions are ideal. Just, simple hair extensions which can give your hair some more volume and makes it longer of course. You can curl these hair extensions or you can buy hair extensions which are already curled.  

For which hairstyle would you go? 


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