5x beauty hacks you just can’t believe

There are many beauty hacks I believe and which I want to try out. Still, there are a lot of beauty hacks which just don’t make sense and which you just can’t believe. Today I have five amazing, but also unbelievable beauty hacks for you.

Heat up your lash curler

Everybody knows how bad it can go wrong with a straightener. Imagine, you heat up your lash curler, but you warmed it up a bit too hot. I mean, a hairdryer can get pretty hot. Maybe your lashes will fall off or you burn a piece of your eyelid? It is just a bad plan to do this.

Use vaseline to remove your makeup

With this beauty hack, they talk especially about eye makeup. I don’t see it happening that you can remove your eye makeup with some vaseline. You probably only wipe out your makeup and then there will stay a sticky substance of vaseline on your eyelid. Next, you need to get the vaseline off your eyelids. Well, good luck.

Rub vaseline on your teeth to remove lipstick stains

Another vaseline hack! Amazing! Rub vaseline on your teeth. Who wants to try this for me? Also a big quantity, please. When you have lipstick on your teeth, then you can better remove it with your fingers.

Use egg white to remove dark circles under your eyes

This is the way to use your spoiled eggs! In Holland, they have sold some spoiled eggs and everybody bought them. Well, this is the perfect beauty hack to use them! No, just kidding. I don’t recommend that.

Rub a piece potato under your arm pits to remove dark circles

You really needed to see my face when I read this. You need to do this daily. Every day you need to rub under your arm pits with a piece of potato to remove those dark circles. I just don’t see this happening. A man or a woman which needs to cut a piece of potato to rub this under your arm pits. Right..

Which beauty hack don’t you believe? 


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